Scoir SSR - School-Specific Custom Configurations

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(Step-by-step instructional video can be found at the bottom of this page)

Scoir allows you to add and customize Secondary School Reports (SSR) to be sent to colleges.

There are two parts to the SSR: The school-specific data and the student-specific data. This article addresses the school-specific data. Click here to view: How to To Complete an Individual Student SSR 
Beginning with the 2021/22 application cycle, Scoir no longer supports the disciplinary section of the Secondary School Report
Be Sure that Process Application Materials is enabled

To configure your SSR: navigate to your School and Account Settings, choose Documents &Templates, and select Configure under School Reports Template


School Policies

Counselors will need to configure the SSR to their high school needs by enabling or disabling the specific areas. As each area is enabled, sub-sections will appear to complete.  

Class Rank

When enabled, class rank is disclosed to colleges based upon the Ranking Method and Grading Scale that you indicate.

The Senior Class Size field is now on the Student Population Page of the SSR.

Required: Ranking Method and Grading Scale.  

Optional: Date of Rank Decision.

Community Disruption

When enabled, space is provided for you to describe disruptions within your community that have impacted your school.

Senior Courses

When enabled, you may provide detailed information on senior year courses to colleges using one of four methods (Enter in SSR, Attach separate, Counselor discretion, Provide in transcript)


When enabled, student GPAs are displayed to college based on the GPA reporting method selected.

Relative Assessment

When enabled, you may assess each student in relation to their classmates based upon the subsections selected.


High School Information

High School Information will be pulled directly from your Scoir account. Contact Scoir Support to update this information.

Academic Programs

This information is optional and is used to indicate academic programs available at your school.

Course Information

This information is optional and is used to indicate courses available at your school.


GPA Information

The GPA information is automatically imported from the high school's information.  Contact Scoir Support to update this information.



Student Population

Student Population information is optional and used to report on Post-secondary enrollment, Student body ethnicity, Student citizenship, Socioeconomic status

The Senior Class Size field is now on the Student Population Page of the SSR.

How-To Video

 School Report School-Specific Configurations from Scoir on Vimeo


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Scoir SSR - Student-Specific Custom Configurations