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School & Account Settings

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Managing Documents & Templates

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For Counselors: Phone Number Showing Up on the SSR

Phone number data is counselor-specific, so this data won't populate on the SSR until the counselor actually electronically signs the SSR. Once it is signed, this data will show. Phone numbers may be…

Updated 8 months ago

Users Page Overview

Overview of the Users page options - Viewing staff account rosters, inviting new staff users, assigning roles to user accounts, filtering accounts by their roles, and accessing the Counselor Assignment tool.

Client Success Team
Updated 4 months ago by Client Success Team

Enable Application Material Processing

Learn how to enable the process application materials option for sending application materials to Scoir-connected colleges.

Chris Needles
Updated 2 years ago by Chris Needles

Counselor Dashboard Overview

The counselor dashboard is designed for counselors to have student data at their fingertips. Quickly access filters of student information that may need attention. Along the top of the dashboard, cli…

Client Success Team
Updated 7 months ago by Client Success Team

Edit the Global Requirements for a College

Scoir makes it easy to adjust the global settings for any College or University! NOTE: making changes to the global settings will result in changing the required application materials for all student…

Updated 9 months ago