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For Parents/Guardians: Managing Your Account & Linking to Students

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Creating a Parent Account

Scoir gives parents and/or guardians a unique window into their student’s college journey through the Scoir Parent Application.

How do I create a parent/guardian account?

Currently, parent/guardian accounts can be created through an invite from either your student or their high school.

If you’re joining Scoir via a student invite:

If you've been invited to join Scoir by your student and do not currently have a parent account, follow the link in the invite email you've received to get started.

If you’re joining Scoir via a high school invite:

If you’ve been invited to join Scoir by your student’s high school and do not currently have a parent account, follow the link in the invite email you’ve received to get started.

How do I link to my student(s)?

If you already have a parent account and wish to link to your new student, make sure your student has added you to their profile and has sent you an invite. Then, sign-in to your parent account and click Accept to link with the student presented on the Get Started page.

When you're finished, click Continue.


Changing Your Email Address

Parents and Guardians can update or change their own email address in Scoir.  In order to do so an email address must be added as secondary and then converted to the primary email. The previous email can be removed once that's completed.

In order to change an address:

  1. In My Profile, under Personal Details click the Tooltip next to the current email address.
  2. Click on +Add Alternate Email.
  3. Enter the new email details.


  1. Confirm the new email address.
  2. Set the new email address as primary.
  3. (Optional) Remove the original email address.

Deleting your Parent/Guardian Account

To delete your Parent/Guardian Profile, first click on the global navigation bar on the top right corner of your portal.

Next, you can click on Delete Account at the bottom of the dropdown.

You will then be prompted to confirm your email address before successfully deleting your account.

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