How do I attached a form that teachers can view to complete recommendations?

Many schools have forms which they require their students to complete prior to asking teachers for a recommendation request.


Instead of having a paper form, we do suggest to you have your students upload a pdf file into a backpack which then can then attach to their extracurricular activities page.  The teachers can have access to this page and will be able to view the completed form.


1.  Have the student complete the form and save this as a pdf file.

2.  Have the student create a backpack called My Teacher Recommendation Form.  



3.  Have the student complete the form and save the file as a pdf file.  Next, upload this completed form into their backpack as content.  



4.  Have the student navigate to their Profile tab and create and 'activity' called Teacher Recommendation Form.






Attach the backpack called My Teacher Recommendation to this activity and whoola!  Teachers will now be able to view the student's Profile and click and view the completed form.   No need to carry around papers and shuffle them back and forth, keep it all together in SCOIR!





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