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For Parents/Guardians: Suggesting Colleges

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Parents have the ability to suggest colleges to their students. Suggested colleges appear in the Suggested column of the student’s My Colleges page.

How do I suggest a college to my student?

To suggest a college to a student, follow these steps.

  1. First, click on the College Search tab.
  2. Click on Advanced Search on the left hand side of the page.
  3. Search for colleges via the college search tools available on the College Search page.

  4. Click the Suggest button on the college tile of the college you would like to suggest.

Additionally, if you click on your desired school name, you will come to that school's college profile.

To suggest the school to your student, click the Suggest button at the top of the college profile.  


Once a college is suggested, the student may act on it from the Suggested column of their My Colleges page. The status of suggested colleges are visible to parents on the Suggested view within the context of the student.

How can I un-suggest a college I have suggested?

When parents add a college to their student's suggested column, there should be three dots that they can then click, which allow a removal button to show to remove the college. It can only be removed by the person who made the suggestion.

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