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For Counselors: Application Season Reminders

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Year over year, we continue investing in platform-level improvements & user education to ensure colleges can more easily match the documents you send to the applications students submit.

This season, we're excited that your seniors will be able to apply to over 140 colleges and counting with Scoir.

When students apply with Scoir, you don't have to rely on them to self-report and you drastically reduce the risk of mismatched documents.

Best Practices to Ensure Application Documents Match with Students

If a school on your students' lists doesn't accept applications from Scoir, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with these best practices for alternate application methods.

  1. Student profiles in Scoir should match the information used in their college applications: In order for colleges to more easily match the application documents you send to the right individual, students should confirm they’re using the same first name and last name, email address, DOB, etc. in Scoir as they are on the applications they’ve submitted to their colleges of interest. Here’s a complete checklist.
If your students apply with Scoir, we take care of step 1 for you! ⚡️
  1. If applicable, students should add Common App or other application IDs. While not required, these IDs are another way colleges link application documents to the correct applicant record. 
  2. Students should submit their application before moving the college to the Applied column in My Colleges. We ask that you confirm students have actually applied before sending their documents. If you send documents before students apply, it could result in unmatched or "missing" documents at the college since the college would not yet have an application record to match documents to.

We know the last one can be difficult, as students may have their own planned timelines for submitting their application, but we encourage that you confirm students have actually applied before sending their documents. You can filter the Applications: Send tab to see those students with a college in the Applying vs Applied column, so that you may encourage students to update their My Colleges list accordingly. If you send documents before students apply, it could result in colleges marking the documents (temporarily) as unmatched or "missing.” Please rest assured that documents never actually go missing in Scoir.

What Scoir does to remind students

  1. When students log into Scoir during application season, they’ll see a prompt to double-check their profile for consistency (and when they access My Colleges, they'll be reminded to add the college to Applying before moving anything into the Applied column!).
  2. We're also emailing a similar reminder to parents/guardians of seniors whose high school is using Scoir to send application documents.

What you can do to remind students

  1. We encourage your students to apply with Scoir, as this drastically reduces the risk of mismatched documents. However, if they use a different application method, use this template to send a message via Scoir to your students; it explains the importance of matching the information on their college applications to their Scoir Profile.
  1. The next time you interact with students, feel free to provide a verbal reminder too (if we partner together, we’ll get the message through!)

What you can do if there's a mismatch

Don't Worry! Documents cannot go missing in Scoir. If you see any "Last Delivered" date reported your document has been delivered to the college. There is no need to resend your documents! We pulled together a short Help Doc to assist you if a student's application mismatches from their documents.

Not planning on using Scoir to send application-related documents this year? Please let your Customer Success Manager know so we can turn this feature off and prevent any possible student confusion, especially around unfulfilled requests for Letters of Recommendation. (You’ll be able to re-enable this service next year.)

We want to equip you to guide your students the best we can. Please let your Customer Success Manager know how else we can help!

As a reminder, student privacy remains our top priority. We never sell, rent, or share student names, email addresses, or other personally identifiable information with colleges (or anyone else). Any data shared when sending documents is done so under FERPA §99.31(a)(2) to correctly establish an applicant's record.

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