For Counselors: Edit Student Profiles

Scoir is more than an administrative system; it's a data intelligence platform. The more accurate and comprehensive the information you have, the more insights you will gain to improve the college admissions process for your current and future students.





To add and correct information about a student, open the student's profile page. From the main Overview section, you can edit personal information, update GPAs, and assign them to groups and counselors, by using the pencil icon next to the section.






You can change student's GPA by clicking on the Edit button.



Standardized test information is managed under the Academic Overview section of a student's profile page. There you edit and add individual scores for the SAT, SAT (2400), ACT, PreACT, SAT2 and PSAT, AP, TOEFL, IBT, TOEFL, PBT. To remove a test score, click on the test date in blue and then click 'delete'.




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