For Students: Checklist for Ensuring Application Document Delivery

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Sending Documents to Colleges

When sending documents and applications to colleges and universities it's important that the documents all end up under a single file for review. Use the suggested checklist below to assist the college with matching your school documents to your application documents.

For those students connected to a high school in Scoir, when you move a college or university to your Applying or Applied List, this tells your high school that they need to send all of the required official school documents to the colleges and universities on that list. Be sure all your information in Scoir lines up with what will be on those official school documents your counselor will send. Your counselor can send your documents to your colleges for you in Scoir, this cannot be done on the student end.

Application Info Checklist

My first name and last name in Scoir match my first name and last name in my application

The email address I used when marking this school as applying on Scoir matches the one I used in my application.

My date of birth in Scoir matches the date of birth used in my application

My home address in Scoir matches the home address used in my application

(If applicable) I entered my Common App ID or Application ID into Scoir when adding schools to the Applying List. This does not apply when Applying with Scoir.
Please again note: For any colleges you applied to with Scoir, you can skip this last step in the checklist.
Please note: Scoir support will not be able to assist with any missing application documents sent until after at least 14 business days from the send date with a screenshot of your college portal saying the documents are missing, or an email from the college directly saying the documents are missing forwarded to our team by your counselor.

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