For Students: The Scoir Mobile Application

In this document we’ll cover downloading and signing into the Scoir Mobile App. You can also use the links at the bottom of the page to explore the different sections of the Scoir App.

Download and Sign into the Scoir App

Downloading the Scoir App

Visit the Apple App Store to download the app.

Scoir currently supports iOS 12 and later

Signing In

Sign in using Google Single Sign On, Clever Single Sign on, or Your Scoir email and password

If you haven’t created an account yet, you can do that as well. Follow the instructions here to create a Scoir account.

The Scoir Mobile App Tabs: Me, Inbox, My Colleges, and Discover


More on Me

The Me tab hosts your Scoir profile information and allows you to view and complete assignments, export your resume, view your test scores, view or add to your My Drive, set or update your college preferences, browse college sessions, events & deadlines, and view or request application documents if needed.


More on Inbox

The inbox will show you any surveys you may have to complete, notifications, you can direct message with a parent, guardian or counselor, and receive messages from colleges.

My Colleges

More on My Colleges

The my colleges tab will show schools you are following, allow you to view suggested schools, and mark any as applying or applied.


More on Discover

The discover tab is where you can begin searching for schools, add any to your list, view your matches based on your preferences, and continue the exploration and discovery process. You’ll also have access to insights and stories from the Scoir blog which will be extremely helpful as you continue to navigate through your high school career.

Please note, you cannot view Scattergrams on the Scoir Mobile App

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