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Configuring FERPA Waiver & Release Forms

Use Scoir to collect FERPA release forms and waivers from your students. Follow the steps in this guide to activate FERPA collection features for your school.

Information on FERPA can be found here: FERPA General Guidance for Students
 NOTE:  Application Materials need to be Enabled for access to FERPA forms
NOTE: You must have the Account Administrator role to enable FERPA Release Forms and FERPA Waiver collection.

Enabling the FERPA Release & Waiver

To begin, click on the School Settings menu under the More button drop-down of the Scoir app.

IMPORTANT: Your school must have Document Support to use the FERPA Release and Waiver collection options.

Before you proceed, check to make sure that your school has document support enabled by reviewing the Process Applications Materials setting. At the top of the Account Settings page, make sure that Process Application Materials is set to Enabled.

To learn how to activate Application Materials and Document Support, view our Enable Application Material Processing guide.

On the Account Settings page, locate the section labeled FERPA Release & Waiver Forms. This can be found under the Documents heading.

If this section is gray, you do not have the required Document Support settings, shown above.

FERPA Releases

To collect FERPA Releases from students or parents, toggle the switch next to the Collect FERPA Release title.

You can click the Configure Release link to view and edit the FERPA Release language your students will see.

Next, select your FERPA Release option. You can choose to send FERPA releases to any student, regardless of age, or send FERPA releases to a parent when a student is under 18 years old.

FERPA Waivers

To collect FERPA Waivers from students, toggle the switch next to the Collect FERPA Waiver title.

You can click the Configure Waiver link to view and edit the FERPA Waiver language your students will see.

Next, choose when your students should be prompted to sign their FERPA Waiver. Use the drop-down menus to select the class year and month a student will receive their FERPA Waiver prompt.

When these settings are activated, students will see their FERPA Release and Waiver prompts when they sign in to Scoir.

Configuring the FERPA Release & Waiver

The Account Administrator may want to configure the waiver or release. Some areas of the waiver and release allow for text changes as needed to conform to school regulation and policies.

Alway be sure to SAVE your work! 

FERPA forms may always be viewed or updated by navigating to the Documents and Templates tab where the original template file will be stored.

A student's FERPA forms may always be viewed or updated by navigating to Manage Documents, under the student's profile. You can also view it on their Overview page.

The Student Perspective

Once the FERPA release and waiver forms have been activated, students will be prompted to complete the forms when they log in.

FERPA Videos

FERPA Overview

FERPA Releases & Waivers

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