Entering TOEFL Scores into Scoir

TOEFL scores can be entered into Scoir individually by student.  Score data is entered by navigating to the student's profile record.  This can be done a multitude of ways, but for this purpose, we will use the search feature to find the student record.


Navigate to the search box and enter the student's name.  Select the student from the drop down choice.




Once in the student profile record, navigate to the left side of the screen under the student's avatar.  Click on the 'Scores' tab.




This tab opens all of the available test score options.  Locate the TOEFL section and click the appropriate score selection.  Click +Add TOEFL Scores.




Select test type.




Enter test date.




Enter scores and save.



 Follow this process for each student who has scores which need entered.





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