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For Non Scoir High School/International/Transfer Students: Requesting Letters of Recommendation

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How do I know if I am a Non Scoir High School connected student? (not linked to a high school that uses Scoir)

Non Scoir High School connected students will have the option to request letters of recommendation through Scoir! This process will include you sending your recommender an email to fill out your recommendation to send to colleges that you applied to using Apply with Scoir. These screens are specific to student users who are not linked to a high school. If your high school uses Scoir, and you are seeing the same screens, check with your Counselor to make sure you are linked and they can view your data.

This article is on how to Request Letters of Recommendations, adding LOR Requests, and assigning recommendations to colleges. If you need to add a Counselor to Scoir and request Counselor Recommendations/Evaluations or other documents to be sent to the colleges, using Apply with Scoir, please see this article.

Requesting Letters of Recommendation

Once your Apply with Scoir application builder is submitted to a college, it is time to request recommendations! Your recommenders will not be able to upload recommendations on your behalf and these will NOT be sent to the college until your application is reviewed and submitted to a college using Apply with Scoir.

Log Into Scoir and navigate to your My College tab.

Find and click on the document Icon:

This is where your Documents and Requests for Documents will be kept so you can keep track of these!

To request a Letter of Recommendation, click on the Request Recommendation tab or New Request tab.

Complete the information to add your Recommender and select the relationship of this person:

Click the button to Add Recommender:

Next, will the request be for a 'generic' Recommendation that you can send to all of your colleges. Or are you requesting one, specific Recommendation that you only want to go to (1) one specific colllege? Most requests should be generic, so you can use them for all of your colleges. Please also be aware of how many requests you will be sending to one Recommender. If they are getting hit with tons of requests, this may be problematic.

At this point, students can add a personal note that will be sent in the email request to that, specific Recommender, with their request for an LOR. Click 'Submit'.

Once added, the status of all LOR requests will show here. They can also be removed as needed.

Assigning recommendations to be sent to your colleges

Once your application is submitted, you can also assign recommendations to your colleges in your My Colleges tab. Click on the college tile to do this.

Please note: this is only an option for colleges you have submitted your application to with Apply with Scoir, and that accept letters of recommendation.

Select the teacher recommendation(s) you want sent to that particular college and click Assign. You can also request a recommendation from a new recommender here directly as well.

Please note: This step does need to be completed in order for recommendations to be properly sent to your colleges.

Scoir can only send Letters of Recommendation to the colleges that a student applied to (and submitted their application to) using Apply with Scoir for application method.

If your recommender cannot locate the email or the link in the email has expired and needs this to be re-sent, please have the recommender follow the directions linked HERE.

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