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For Counselors: Create and Assign Student Tasks

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Tasks are great tools for counselors, allowing them to assign work or learning opportunities, keep track of progress for reporting, and provide extra guidance as students navigate their college prep and career readiness journey. If you have any thoughts about the direction we're taking Tasks, please share feedback!

Here, we'll cover:

  • Accessing Tasks
  • Creating a Task
  • Assigning a Task to multiple or individual students
  • Editing and deleting a Task
  • Additional ways to manage Tasks
  • Frequently asked questions

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Accessing Tasks

On the Tasks tab in Assignments, tasks are arranged in a table view, providing quick access to key details like title, topic, assignees, dates, and status.

From the Tasks tab, you can:

  • Create, edit, and delete tasks
  • Filter tasks based on start date, due date, topic, and status
  • Send reminders to students assigned to tasks
  • Preview tasks to see their details and add/remove assignees
  • Export tasks along with the corresponding student information as a CSV file (we recommend using filters to to narrow what students/tasks are included in the export file)
What does each task status mean?
Pending - This either means you've assigned a start date that has not been met yet or no students have been assigned to it yet.

Active - This status lets you know the assignment is underway. The start date has passed, students have been assigned to it, but they have not yet completed it, and the due date has not been reached.

Overdue - This means the due date has passed, and students haven't finished the assignment.

Complete - Good news! 🎉 All students assigned this task have completed it.

Creating a Task

Creating and managing assignments requires the Student Counselor role.
  1. Go to Assignments > Tasks.
  2. Click +Add Task.
  3. Enter the details of your task like title, description, start date, and due date.
Tasks with a start date won't appear on the student's dashboard until that date is met.
  1. Expand the Task details section to add a new or existing topic to help categorize your task, include a form to collect information, a video link, and attachments. (Supported video providers: YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, SoundCloud, Streamable, Vimeo, Wistia, Mixcloud, DailyMotion, Kaltura, Loom)
Task creation modal
  1. Once you've added the details, click Save.

Your new task will now be listed in the table. Click on the title to view a preview of your task!

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Assigning a Task to multiple students

Before assigning a task, please review it's content for accuracy as tasks cannot be edited while assigning. If you assign students to a task that does not have a specified start date, it will become immediately available on their dashboard.

For instructions on how to edit a task, head to the Editing/Deleting a Task section below.
  1. Go to your student roster and select all the students you'd like to assign the task.
  2. Click on the Manage Assignments icon above the table.

student roster with arrow pointing to manage assignments button
  1. Choose whether you'd like to Assign New Task or Assign Existing Task:
    1. For new tasks, follow the steps listed above in the Creating a task section above.
    2. For existing tasks, simply select one of your premade tasks.
  2. Once you've entered all your details, click Assign.

Now you can see and manage your assignment from the Tasks tab. Use the status column to keep track of your student's progress.

Assigning a Task to a single student

There are three options to assign a task to an individual student:

Assign from the task preview
The task preview gives you a quick glance of the details and the option to add/remove assignees.

To assign from the task preview:

1. Go to the Task tab and click on any assignment to open the preview.
2. In the Assignments section, you can view all assignees and click on Manage Assignments to add/remove students.

3. Hit Save.

Your changes will be reflected in the task preview.
Assign from the student preview
1. From the student roster, click Preview next to the student's name to open the preview.
2. Select Assign New Task or Assign Existing Task.
a. For new tasks, you'll be prompted to create a task.
b. For existing tasks, select one from the dropdown.

3. Click Assign.

This task is now assigned to this individual student.
Assign from a student's profile
1. From a student's profile, click on Assignments on the left-hand side menu.
2. Select Assign New Task or Assign Existing Task.
a. For new tasks, you'll be prompted to create a task.
b. For existing tasks, select one from the dropdown.

3. Click Assign.

The task will now be assigned to this specific student.

Editing/deleting a Task

  1. Go to the Tasks page and click on the (...) icon on the task preview or on that task's row on the table.
  2. Select Edit Task or Delete Task.
arrow pointing to edit and delete buttons in task table
  1. When editing a task, you can modify all aspects of a task. However, the start date cannot be altered once it has passed, and a form cannot be added or removed once the task has been assigned to students.
  2. Click Save

Your changes will apply to all students in the task.

Additional ways to manage Tasks

From the Student Roster, counselors can:
• Filter students by those who have incomplete, completed, or overdue assignments
• Add columns for incomplete, completed, or overdue assignments, displaying the count of each type

From a student preview or profile, counselors can:
• Send a reminder to a specific student about a task
• Assign and unassign a task
• Mark tasks as complete or incomplete

From the task preview, counselors can:
• Send reminders to individual students or all students assigned to this task
• Edit or delete a task
• Assign and unassign students to the task
• Mark tasks as complete or incomplete

Frequently asked questions

Do I need special permissions to create tasks?
Yes, only staff with the School Counselor role can create and manage tasks.
Are tasks automatically assigned to students?
No, counselors must assign tasks to each student who needs to complete it. Tasks without a start date will be automatically visible to students. Tasks with a start date become will be visible to students once the start date is met.
Can I assign additional students to a task?
You have the flexibility to assign additional students to a task. These newly assigned students will share the same start and due dates as the original task.
How can I view all students assigned to a task?
To view all students assigned to a task, go to the Tasks tab under Assignments and click on the task to open the preview. You'll be able to see all assigned students in the preview's Assignments section. You'll also be able to remove all students from here.
Can tasks be repurposed?
You can assign more students to a past task, but they'll see it as overdue. For a future deadline, create a new task instead.
What do tasks look like for students, and when do they become visible to them?
Students have a dedicated section in their dashboard for Assignments. From there, they can view and complete their tasks.
Tasks assigned to students without a start date will be automatically visible to students. Tasks with a start date become visible to students once the start date is met.

How will students be notified about their tasks?
Students will receive emails when counselors assign new tasks or send reminders about incomplete tasks.

For new assignments, emails will be sent every hour to prevent overload. Within each hour, new assignments will be consolidated into a single email, indicating the count of new tasks. If an assignment has a future start date, students will receive an email at 8 am local time on that day.

Reminders will be sent immediately to students via email.

What happens if a new student is rostered?
Any new students that are rostered to the school are not automatically added to active tasks. Tasks are manually assigned and new students will need to be assigned any relevant tasks. 
Are there any differences between task without a form and a task with a form?
Yes! Once a form has been included in a Task, students will see a Go to Form button when viewing assignments. Students can review the form and submit their responses. Once they click submit on the form, the task will be marked complete and those responses become visible to counselors. Students or counselors still have the ability to mark these tasks complete or incomplete separate from form submission.

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