For Counselors: Understanding What "Complete Packets Ready to Send" Means

This article covers what the "Complete Packets Ready to Send" of document sending section means.

You may access the Complete Packets Ready to Send section from:

Why would an Already-Sent Packet Show Up As Ready to Send?

Dashboard: "Complete Packets Ready to Send" Section

On your Dashboard, within your Document Status section, you have access to the students who have document packets that are Complete and Ready to Send. This means that these students have one or more document packets that currently contain all of the required documents for a college that they are applying to.

To view these packets, click on the number next to Complete Packets Ready to Send.

For an overview of the Counselor Dashboard as a whole, please visit this Help Doc.

To Send a Completed Packet Individually:
  1. Click the green Send button next to the college of your choice.

You will have the option to include any incomplete packets, meaning that any documents that are on file for these incomplete packets will be sent forward.

  1. Make your selection and press Send:

By including incomplete packets, the college will stay in your Send screen until the remaining required documents are uploaded and sent.

Download Colleges

If there is a Download button instead of a Send button, this indicates that the college is not yet receiving documents electronically via Scoir. Thus, you can click download to download a PDF of the document packet and can mail/email the document packet to the college on the student's behalf.

To Send All Completed Packets in Bulk:
  1. Click the Select All button in the top left. Then, click Actions >> Send Connected.

This will send all of the completed packets to the colleges that are connected to receive documents electronically from Scoir. Any packets with a Download button will remain in your Send Screen so that you can download them and mail/email them off to the college.

Send Documents Screen: "Complete Packets Ready to Send" Section

Within the Applications: Send tab, you may notice certain packets are marked as Complete Packets.

To view only those completed packets:

  1. Click on the Filters button on the left, and select Only show completed packets. You may also choose to apply any other filters, including Delivery Method. Click Apply when completed.

  1. Then, you will see all completed packets, and can follow the above steps to send completed packets individually or in bulk.

Why would an Already-Sent Packet Show Up As Ready to Send?

If you notice that there is a packet you have already sent in the Complete Packets Ready to Send, it is likely because there is a document that is listed as As Available (by the college) that has not yet been sent forward. You may either electronically send or download the document, or if the document is not necessary to be sent, you can mark the document as Do Not Send/Download within an individual student's document portal.

Marking the document as Do Not Send/Do Not Download will only affect this individual student with this individual college, and will remove the packet from the Complete Packets Ready to Send.

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