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School Account & Settings Overview

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Account Administrators can manage their school's account settings, documents, and report templates using the School Account & Settings feature.

NOTE:  You must have the Account Administrator role to change settings and configure documents.

To begin, click on the Welcome menu at the top right corner of the Scoir app, then select School & Account Settings from the drop-down menu.

You will see two options on the left side, Account Settings and Documents & Templates.

Account Settings

A brief summary of each Account Setting option is below. Click on an individual option to view more detailed information and instruction.

Process Application Materials

Use Scoir to send application materials to our Scoir connected schools

School Account Set-up

High School Email Address Domains

Configure a school email address domain for automatic removal of student email addresses upon graduation.

GPA Preferences

Adjust GPA scales used when displaying scattergrams.

School Photos

Replace avatars in student profiles with school photos.


School Reports

Enable and configure Midyear and Final Reports for use with college applications.


Choose when to provide Midyear and Final Transcripts.

FERPA Release & Waiver Forms

Collect and configure FERPA Releases and Waivers

Letters of Recommendation

Allow students to request recommendations, require counselor approval of recommendation requests, and allow teachers to view profiles of requesting students.

Student Permissions

Test Scores & GPA Permissions

Allow students to self-report standardized test scores and GPAs.

Career Profiles (YouScience)

Enable YouScience aptitude assessments for students.

College Lists and Acceptance Data

My Colleges

Require an acknowledgement when a student applies to a college, allow counselors and students to assign acceptance likelihood labels, and customize likelihood labels.

Application Scattergram Display Settings

Control how scattergram data is displayed, who can access scattergrams, and adjust hook data settings.

Communications & Calendar


Send your Scoir messages and notifications to student and parent emails.


Sync your Scoir visits with an external calendar, and link your Google or Microsoft calendar with Scoir.

Documents & Templates

View and edit all of your school's documents in a single location. To access Documents & Templates settings, click on Documents & Templates on the left side of the School Account & Settings page.

A brief summary of each document is below.

School Profile

View your school's profile or modify your profile with a new uploaded document.

Letter of Recommendation

Create a Letter of Recommendation template for your staff to use or modify an existing template.

FERPA Release

View or edit your FERPA Release document.

FERPA Waiver

View or edit your FERPA Waiver form.

School Reports Template

View or configure your Secondary School Report, Midyear Report, and Final Report.

Student Invite by URL

Invite your students to Scoir with a URL that can be copied into your own personal or bulk email.    

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