For Counselors: Cancel Sent Documents - The Send Docs "Undo" Button 😮

What does it mean to cancel sent documents?

You can now cancel a document sent by mistake.

How can I cancel or "unsend" sent documents?

When a document is sent you will notice that the document is now listed as pending.

This means that the document has been queued up for processing. If no action is taken that document will be processed as expected. However, if you hit the cancel button, this will allow you to cancel the sending of the documents. (See the video below for more detail)

Will this affect document sending times? How do I know if sending failed?

No!  Sending is processed in the same way it always was. If a document is sent on November 1 it is considered sent on November 1. There is no difference in established timing. The label "Pending" indicates that the document has successfully been sent. 

I still don't understand how a document can be canceled if it's already been sent? Is there anything I need to worry about?

Although documents are considered sent as soon as the send button has been pushed, documents are batched and processed overnight (between midnight and 2:00 am). This means that while those documents are in the queue they can still be recalled up until the point they are processed. Colleges processing documents will see the date the documents were sent.

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