For Counselors: Resending an Updated Transcript after it was already Sent

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Once you send a document to a college you may make adjustments to that document and resend it, but it will need to be sent as a new document. Think of this in the way that you send an email. Once the email is sent, you can't get it back and change it. You can adjust it and resend in a new email, which is what you would do in this instance.

Once you send a transcript or other document to a college we store those documents in Scoir. Resending them will subsequently send the exact same document a second time to that college.

If, however, you update the document prior to sending to a college or update and send to a new college, the updated transcript and/or documents will be sent to the new college(s).

If a transcript or other document changes and you need to resend an updated copy to a college which you have already sent this same document to, it must be handled in a different way. Updated transcripts and documents must be added to the application materials as 'other documents'.  It may have the same name as a previously sent document, but in order to send updated documents, they need to be uploaded and sent separately.



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