For Counselors: Understanding Scoir RSVP Dates

Here is how RSVP dates work in Scoir.  When setting up your visits for students, please ensure you take this into consideration.  Once a visit is in a closed state, it cannot be altered for students to sign up.


If a visit is edited by a counselor once the visit is closed, meaning it is past the available RSVP, the visit will not open back up to allow registration.


Example:  My visit is Friday, September 13th.  My RSVP is 2 days.


September 10th - last day students can sign up for this visit

September 11th - first RSVP day, visit is closed

September 12th - second RSVP day, visit is closed

September 13th - day of visit


If I go in on September 11th and adjust the RSVP, it is too late, the visit is already closed.  The system will not allow students to register.  If I'd like to change the RSVP date, I must do so on the 10th when the visit is still open.  This will then allow any updates to be saved and students can then register.

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