For Counselors: Troubleshooting "Missing" Documents

"Missing" Documents in Scoir

In Scoir we created our own pipeline for document sending and delivery that connects your high school directly to the colleges and universities where you are sending documents. At any given stage of document sending or delivery we will be able to have full oversite on where those documents are located. For this reason, documents cannot go "lost" or "missing" in Scoir.

Mismatched Documents

Although documents cannot go missing, there are certain factors that can lead to a document mismatch within a university's CRM or document processing system. During a mismatch, the system may create 2 files for the same student (e.g. if the student applied using a nickname and uses their real name in Scoir). When this happens the CRM may send a notification to the admissions team that a document is missing. These messages are typically automated and may even be delivered after a document has already been properly processed or matched. It is important to also understand that the system or team that processes documents, and the admissions team are not always in the same department within a university meaning that an admissions rep will get a notification that a document is missing, while the operations team has already found the file and matched it to the student's application.

Use the steps below to troubleshoot "lost" or "missing" documents that were sent via Scoir.

  1. Did you send the documents?

Be sure to check if the documents have been marked as sent and delivered in Scoir. If they are listed as both sent and delivered, DO NOT RESEND THE DOCUMENTS. The admissions rep may be telling you to resend, but they may not be familiar with Scoir. Resending may update the time stamp for when the documents were sent, and it is easier for our team to track the original sent documents as opposed to an updated sent document.

  1. Did you send the correct documents? Is anything missing from the document that was sent?

Sometimes, when a student receives a letter indicating missing documents, it may not be that the college has not recieved the document, but that it is:

1.  The wrong document

2. The document is missing something. 

Before resending the documents please check the document first to ensure it is both the correct document and not missing any information.

  1. Did your students check the information in both their application (Common App, college website, etc.) and within Scoir?

Sometimes students will use a nickname or a name that is different from their name in Scoir along with other factors that may lead to a mismatch. Please be sure your students have followed this checklist to ensure that the documents are delivered under a single file.

Please note: If a student applies with Scoir, it's extremely unlikely there will be a mismatch since the Application Profile is automatically pre-populated from My Profile
  1. Have you contacted the admissions team at the university?

If you have already completed steps 1 and 2 above, it may be time to contact the admissions team at the university. Be sure to have the full name of the student, the student ID, and the type of documents that were sent. Also, be sure that the person from the admissions team is familiar with Scoir. If they are unaware of Scoir, you may need to find someone in operations who is familiar with document processing and Scoir. The person in operations will most likely need to find and combine the 2 files which have been created for a single student or associate the files sent by the school via Scoir with the files sent by the student via their application.

  1. Have you contacted Scoir Support?

If you are still unable to reconcile the mismatched documents after following the above 4 steps please reach out to Scoir Support. Our team works directly with the admissions teams at our partner schools and may be able to better assist them in locating the documents that were sent.

Please note: Scoir support will not be able to assist with any missing application documents sent until after 14 business days with a screenshot of the student's college portal saying the documents are missing, or an email from the college directly saying the documents are missing forwarded to our team.

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