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For Colleges: Events

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Events allows your team to create and manage virtual events, information sessions, and more so you can attract best-fit students. An Event can include a range of topics of interest to students or simply be a way for your college to connect with them virtually.

Creating Events

  1. To create an Event, navigate to Engage > Presence

  1. Scroll down to the Content section and Clicking + Create New Card will open up a new Events Card.
  2. Make your events engaging by adding the Details. Include an image, alt text, title, whether the event is happening once or recurring, the date and time, and a brief description.
  1. Scroll down to add the Type of event whether it's in-person or virtual. Also, add the registration link and specific campus locations.
  2. Lastly, add your Audience preferences and include tags for Academic Focuses and categories. Go live with your event by selecting Save & Publish. Or, if you want to wait to publish the event for students to see, select Save as Hidden.

Students Viewing Events

Students can find events using the search bar. Or, they can go to Events in Discover and filter by colleges they’re following, virtual tours, and recurring opportunities.

When clicking into an event, they can register, view the type and dates, and more. Events will be available in the counselor and parent/guardian experience too.

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