For Counselors: Creating Custom Reports

(A step-by-step video can be found at the bottom of this page)

Scoir’s Custom Reports feature allows you to create reports on specific criteria that may not be presented in our Standard Reports.

To create a custom report, follow these steps.

  1. Click + Create New Report in the Custom Reports section.
  2. Give your report a name.
  3. Apply filters to focus your report on specific students, then click Save & Continue.
  4. Check all application types and outcomes that apply to your report, then click Save & Continue.
  5. Apply filters to focus your report on certain colleges, then click Save & Continue.
  6. Configure the information you’d like displayed in your finished report, then click Run Report. You’ll immediately be presented with your custom report.

You can edit the filtering options of your report at any time by clicking the Edit Report button. This will return you to the beginning of the custom report wizard pre-configured with your custom report’s currently active filters.

You can return to your custom reports at any time from the Reports tab. You can also make a copy of any custom report by clicking the Clone icon, or delete a report by clicking the Delete icon.

How-To Video

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