Creating & Managing Users

Users Page Overview

Overview of the Users page options - Viewing staff account rosters, inviting new staff users, assigning roles to user accounts, filtering accounts by their roles, and accessing the Counselor Assignment tool.

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Adding and Managing Faculty and Staff

Please Note: Counselors and Staff can only be added by someone with the Account Administrator Role​. Individually Adding Faculty and Staff. To add a single member of the team, first go to the "Users"…

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Inviting Faculty and Staff

Navigate to the Users Menu from the Welcome Dropdown. Filter and select the team members you wish to invite with the checkbox to the left of their name. Choose: I would like to... and then Invite Sta…

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Faculty and Staff Roles and Permissions

Each Account Type Role in Scoir has specific permissions. You can jump directly to a specific role by clicking on it below: Account Administrator Student Counselor Application Manager Data Manager Co…

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Inviting Students

Inviting students individually is easy and can be done from the Student Roster. Select the Students tab from the top-level navigation bar. ​ . ​​Click the student tile (white space) to select or de-s…

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Assigning Counselors to Students

Bulk Assignment. Once you've added information about your students and guidance staff, you can easily bulk assign students to counselors in Scoir by: class year and alpha order. individual student as…

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Inviting Parents/Guardians

Inviting Parents/Guardians. Once parents/guardians have been imported to Scoir, it is easy to invite them to join! Navigate to the Students tab and click on Parents. Use the filtering tool to the lef…

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Informing Your Users

Notification Templates. Inform your Students - Notification Template for Students. Dear <<Student>>: We are pleased to announce that <<Demo High School>> is introducing a new college planning system…

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Rollout Best Practices

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Class Rollover in Scoir

What Is Rollover Rollover typically takes place at the end of June to mid-July and is the time when the current senior class officially becomes Scoir alumni. 👨‍🎓 👩‍🎓 All other classes advance to the…

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