Integrating Slate with Scoir

Introduction: Integrating Slate with Scoir

Scoir supports the delivery of document batches via SFTP, the approach recommended by Slate for integrations that include a need for document imports. To ease the burden on college admissions staff,…


Step 1: Preparing Slate for Scoir Documents and Record Creation

Scoir and Technolutions℠ have preconfigured Source Format and Scoir User templates that can easily be added in your instance of Slate. Follow the steps below to add the required ScoirMaterials source…


Step 2: Connecting Slate and Scoir

Actions in this Guide require both the Account Administrator and Admissions Operations roles in Scoir.. In Part 2, we will be adding information about your Slate instance in Scoir to enable the conne…


Step 3: Mapping Scoir Student Data and Documents in Slate

In Part 3, we will be finalizing the mapping of incoming Scoir documents to the document slots in your Slate Instance, and mapping values from our ScoirMaterials Source Format. You will need to final…


For Colleges: Troubleshooting Slate Integration with Scoir

Test Connection Failure. During the Slate Integration process, you may see this "Failed to Connect" message when testing your Slate connection to Scoir. There are a few reasons why your test connecti…


For Colleges: Slate Integration - Message Scoir Students from Slate

Our integration with Slate allows you to message students interested in your college on Scoir, directly from Slate. You don’t need to leave Slate to build and send your messages and you don’t need to…

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