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For Colleges: College Profiles

Scoir allows colleges to take ownership of the data that is presented to students.

There are (2) ways to do this. We offer a paid service, Premium Presence, which allows customized data to be presented to students. We also offer a free service that will present templated information to be presented to students, which your college can update for accuracy. Both of these services require verification of the college data prior to update, and 7 to 10 days for out team to review and make changes. Colleges who have signed up for Premium Presence should utilize their Scoir College Success Manager to make updates to their data.

Once your school has taken ownership of the data, your profile will receive a "verified" badge, indicating to students that this is the most up-to-date and verified information on your school.

To view your College's Profile information, log into Scoir and navigate to the School Profile Tab. Be sure to view the sub-tabs of data.

To request edits to your College's Profile data, click on the 'request update' button shown on this page or use the "How do I take ownership of my profile" shown below. Our team does prefer a common data set from the college, be forwarded for all updates.

How do I take ownership of my profile?

Colleges need to provide either a common data set, or complete the information on our form. The form will be directed to our team for updates. The form requires information from your site to validate anything provided to our team.

To access the form through this document, click here

How often do I need to refresh my profile?

To maintain the Verification Badge, data should be verified before each Fall Enrollment cycle. Our team reminds colleges to do this annually.

Can I edit everything on the profile?

Absolutely. The goal of this program is to provide absolute confidence that the information being communicated is accurate.  We do recommend providing a common data set so that all information can be updated. If colleges provide a common data set, it reduces the amount of time needed for updates.

Are there any restrictions?

  • Application deadlines will only be editable at the beginning of an enrollment period.
  • We understand there are many complexities to application requirements, and because we cannot currently communicate all of the possible options in a standard template we will soon be offering dynamic profile pages
  • Some of the attributes are calculated and in order to be adjusted will need to have the underlying data changed. For example Acceptance Rate is a factor of   # Accepted / # Applied . Edits to the Acceptance Rate will appear only after these values are adjusted. 

How do I update my Banner/Header and Logo images?

Submit a standard request and mention you’d like to update images and a Scoir team member will help get those image updates completed for you. For more detailed guidelines on updating your banner/header image, see here.

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