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For Counselors: Sorting Students using Filters

The results listed in the Student Roster will always default to current students who are freshman, sophomore, juniors, and seniors. However, we provide a Filter system to help you narrow down your student list.

Applying Filters

  1. Go to the Student Roster and click on the Filters icon. This will open the side menu and show all of the filters available to you. For descriptions of each filter, see the Filter Description section below.
  2. Choose the filters you'd like to use and click Apply.
  3. Once you have your filters set the way you like, you can save your View, add to an existing View, or set the View as your default.

Filter Descriptions

  • Class Year - Pick a specific one or a range
  • Counselor Assignment - Search by a specific counselor
  • Registration Status - Filter for those who have registered or have not registered 
  • Labels - Search for students that fall under those Labels
  • Engagement - Select only those filters you want to sort by checking yes or no
  • College - Once you enter a specific college, choose a specific list you'd like to see, whether Following / Applying / Applied / Accepted / Enrolled. Both must be completed for results
  • Applications - Select the method in which the students are applying to college (Common App, Coalition (Legacy), Coalition on Scoir, College Website, Other)
  • Career Assessment - Filter to students who have completed or not completed their Career Assessment
  • GPA
  • Test Scores - Select the test option first, then select the test range
  •  Last Login - Select appropriate dates
  • FERPA - Search for students based on their FERPA Release Waiver status and/or their FERPA Waiver status
  • First Generation
  • Ethnicity
  • Race
  • Legal Sex

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