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Data Gathering Instructions

The following steps will guide you through the process of gathering the data needed for your school accounts.

The account setup process cannot begin until all data files have been submitted. If there is data that should not be imported, please let us know which you do not want included.

  1. Share Clever data with Scoir (grades 9 - 12 only)
    1. Scoir rosters students and teachers only and can connect with (1) high school per Scoir account.
  2. Export parent data for students in grades 9-12 from your SIS and share with Scoir (only if school wants parent data included)
  3. Send (arrange for delivery of) data to A shared google drive can be used to share data if preferred.  Please ensure has download access to this data in this case. All data should be in excel or .csv format. We do not support .numbers or .pdf files.

Clever Sync

If you are a public school, please send the name of your district (Clever Sync will come through at the district level – not the high school). This helps Scoir ensure we connect the correct district/high school.

Have your IT administrator request a full sync with Scoir through the Clever App Gallery. Clever will notify Scoir of the request, we’ll approve it, and then student information will be automatically updated on a daily basis. (Time to Complete: 2 minutes)

*Please be sure to share the following fields when requesting the sync for grades 9-12 only: High School Student ID, Student First Name, Student Last Name, Student Date of Birth, Class Year, Email Address.

We cannot add multiple Clever IDs to (1) Scoir high school. We support (1) Clever school to (1) Scoir school.

Parent Data (Student Information System)

Parent accounts within Scoir allow parents to see their child's college list and access cost of attendance calculators.

Please export parent information directly from your SIS and include the data fields listed below. If you are including more than one parent or guardian associated with the same student, each requires a separate email and must be listed in separate rows.  All parents must have a student ID associated with the row in which they are listed.  Do not use a school-issued email for parents (i.e. teachers who may also be a parent). Parents need to have a personal email address.

Parent ID (optional)

*Parent First Name

*Parent Last Name

*Parent Email Address

Parent Preferred Phone Number (10 digit phone only is supported at this time, optional)

*Student ID

Student First Name (optional)

Student Last Name (optional)

* = required


HS Student ID

First Name

Last Name








What Happens Next?

The Scoir Support Team will review and process your data as soon as all requested files are submitted. If we identify any discrepancies, we will contact you to resolve them. Your account will typically be ready 5-7 business days after we receive all data.  Once the account setup is complete, you will receive an email outlining next steps.  Please reach out to with any questions.

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