Revision History to SCOIR's Client Service Agreement

We periodically make changes to the terms and conditions contained in our Client Services Agreement.  Most of these changes are immaterial and are intended to provide greater clarity and/or to comply with the ever-changing landscape of laws and regulations across all 50 U.S. states.  A revision history is contained below: 
November 20, 2019
We significantly overhauled our Client Services Agreement to address various state laws regarding student data privacy. The agreement now includes a Data Privacy Addendum, modeled after the Student Data Privacy Consortium's Privacy Contract Framework.
Safeguarding information and protecting the privacy of user data has always been of paramount importance to Scoir. These contractual changes were necessary to adapt to the increasing regulatory focus on data privacy and to ensure you, our Clients, remain compliant with your own state's laws.
Material changes from the previous version of our Client Services Agreement are as follows:
  • We clarified that our contractual relationship is with your school (or district or state DOE), not with you as an individual.
  • The "Services" we are providing are more specifically defined.
  • Our obligations with respect to federal regulations (FERPA and COPPA) are now included in the more comprehensive Data Privacy Addendum, included as Appendix A.
  • We removed Confidentiality provisions relating to the contractual relationship between us because they conflict to many state and local "right-to-know" and "freedom of information" laws.
  • We removed all Indemnities because many state and local regulations prohibit schools and districts from providing indemnities.
  • We moved the governing legal jurisdiction for our Client Services Agreement from our home state (Pennsylvania) to your state.
  • The new Data Privacy Addendum (Appendix A and its Exhibits) provides much more detail on the information we might collect, who owns it, what we may (and may not) do with it, how we protect it, and what actions we will take in the event of a data breach. 
Previous version of client services agreement: 

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