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For Counselors: Removing Students from Scoir

Removing an Active Student from Scoir

If you need to remove an active student who was invited to Scoir, registered, and has either left the school or was invited accidentally, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the student's profile.
  2. In the Personal Details section of the student profile, click on Disenroll to initiate the removal process.
Please note: Data connected to accounts of disenrolled students will still be included in your school's profile, such as scattergrams or alumni reports.


Once you disenroll a student, you will be offered the option to delete the account completely.

If you elect to delete the account, all historical data connected to the student will be permanently deleted from your school's account.

Removing an Inactive Student from Scoir

Inactive students, meaning those who have never been invited or registered their account, primarily serve as historical data in your high school records. You have the option to remove them entirely from your high school by deleting their accounts, or alternatively, you can choose to retain their data by allowing their accounts to remain inactive.

To completely remove an inactive student account, follow these steps:

  1. Search for the student and navigate to their profile.
  2. On their profile page, you'll find a "Delete" button. Clicking this button will remove the student and disassociate them from your high school.

The student is now removed from your high school.

 Please note: The Delete button will only show for 'current' students. If you need to remove a student who is an alumni, please update their class year to a 'current' class and this button will show!

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