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Data Gathering Instructions - Who at your school needs to perform this task?

The following steps will guide you through the process of gathering the data needed for your school account.

The account setup process cannot begin until all data files have been submitted. If there is data that should not be imported, please let us know which you do not want included. Please note: Scoir cannot add Naviance data later, it must be imported during the initial account creation.

When data is imported to Scoir the HS Student ID field and the Email field get locked on import.  These cannot be updated through any import or auto-roster.   These fields must match your ClassLink/Clever data.  The only way to update these fields after import is to manually update them one by one.  What we do support, is an email domain update should this happen at your school, and this can be done via import by reaching out to support.
  1. Provide list of all high schools in your district to be connected, including:
    CEEB, High School Name, Address , GPA scale (weighted and unweighted 0-4), Title 1 eligibility, Primary Counselor name and email address.
  2. Share ClassLink data with Scoir (grades 9 - 12 only). Please make sure Demographic data is shared. We require Date of Birth and this must be shared with Scoir. Please email to let us know you shared your data!
    1. Share ClassLink data with Scoir for Teachers. (first name, last name and email are required)
  3. Export both student and parent data for students in grades 9-12 from your SIS and share with Scoir (only is school wants parent data included).
  4. Send (arrange for delivery of) data to, using the most secure method, as determined by your team. Please ensure has download access to this data. A shared google drive can be used to share data. We currently do not offer an SFTP option. All data should be in excel or .csv format. We do not support .numbers or .pdf files.
  5. If you would like Scoir to assign Counselors to students on setup, we will need a full list of your counselors and emails (and what high school they should be associated with); along with a roster of students and their assigned counselors.

This integration auto-rosters students and teachers only. Your IT administrator will need to add the Scoir app and share student and teacher data with Scoir through ClassLink. Share ClassLink data with Scoir (grades 9 - 12 only). Please make sure Demographic data is shared. We require Date of Birth and this must be shared with Scoir. We can only include (1) Scoir school to (1) ClassLink school.

*Please be sure to share the following fields when requesting the sync for grades 9-12 only: High School Student ID, Student First Name, Student Last Name, Student Date of Birth, Class Year, Email Address.

Your HS Student IDs should be in ClassLink as one of the following fields:

  • Sourced ID
  • Identifier
  • User ID

The ID and Email should match the ID and email provided in the SIS file requested below.

SIS Data Needed - Are you the user at your school pulling Student information System data? Here is what we need.

Student Roster (Student information System) Required

Export a current student roster from your student information system. Since each school's SIS configuration is slightly different, we do not have a specific guide for this. Please note that all bolded fields below are required for import. While the other fields are optional, the more information included, the more helpful Scoir will be to your team.  Please ensure all students are listed only one time and there are not multiple rows of the same student.  Additionally, each field should be in only one row, meaning that the address data should not be in an expandable row which is multiple lines. This type of format makes it difficult for import and can skew the data.

*Student ID

*Name First

Name Middle (optional)

Preferred Name (optional)

*Name Last

*Graduation Year

*Date of Birth

*Student Email Address

*Counselor Name (please ensure a list of counselors and emails are also included if you would like counselor assigned)

Cumulative GPA (Unweighted) (optional)

Cumulative GPA (Weighted) (optional)

Sex (optional)

Ethnicity (optional – we do not support numbered ethnicity)

Race. (optional – we do not support numbered race)

Address Street (optional.  Can be Address 1 in one column, Address 2 in a second column)

Address City (optional)

Address Zip (5 digit zip only are supported at this time)

Phone Home (10 digit phone only are supported at this time)

Phone Mobile (10 digit phone only are supported at this time)

* = required 

Parent Data - No Naviance Parent data please! (Student Information System only)

Parent accounts within Scoir allow parents to see their child's college list and access cost of attendance calculators.

Please export parent information directly from your SIS and include the data fields listed below. If you are including more than one parent or guardian associated with the same student, each requires a separate email and must be listed in separate rows.  All parents must have a student ID associated with the row in which they are listed.  Do not use a school-issued email for parents (i.e. teachers who may also be a parent). Parents need to have a personal email address. Please note that we do not currently support Naviance parent data imports.

Parent ID (optional)

*Parent First Name

*Parent Last Name

*Parent Email Address

Parent Preferred Phone Number (10 digit phone only is supported at this time, optional)

*Student ID

Student First Name (optional)

Student Last Name (optional)

* = required


HS Student ID

First Name

Last Name








What Happens Next?

The Scoir Support Team will review and process your data as soon as all requested files are submitted. If we identify any discrepancies, we will contact you to resolve them. Your account will typically be ready 5-7 business days after we receive all data.  Once the account setup is complete, you will receive an email outlining next steps.  Please reach out to with any questions.Data Gathering Instructions.

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