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When high schools switch from Naviance to Scoir during the school year, current senior applications are not imported. Instead, your team will be asked to submit a final application export file, specifically for your senior class, with all of their outcomes and decisions, in June for a July import. This allows more complete and clean data set to be imported to your Scoir account.

If your Naviance contract will expire prior to the end of the year, please export what data is available before your contract expires. We can't import the file until July, but we can import an incomplete file that your team would then need to update, to ensure all outcomes and decisions are recorded in Scoir. It would save your team manual effort for all applications.

Exporting Your Senior Application Outcomes

Please use the screenshot below to export your Naviance data and provide the file to our support team for July import. We cannot accept a report. We do need the data export file. Fiiles cannot be imported until students are rolled over to Alumni, by the Scoir team, in June. The file can be sent any way that your team feels is most secure. Your team should email to let our team know it was shared. If you have questions please email

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