Cialfo and Maia Learning Historical Application Data (Alumni Only)

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Cialfo and Maia Historical Data Imports - what we support

Current (9-12)


Import Students



Import Applications

No - School must add


Import Test Scores

No - School must add

No - School must add

Additional data after completed setup

No- School must add unless they provide a final file in July for seniors

Not applicable


  1. As noted above, we don’t support  import of current class year application data during the current school year.   These won’t be imported for current seniors, so you won’t see these in Scoir.
  2. To set expectations, all data will need to be provided at setup, and this will take extra time to set up.  Please allow an extra 7 days, once correct data is received.
  3. A full alumni student roster is required first.  Each student must be listed only (1) time on that roster and have the required fields:  First name, Last name, HS Student ID, Date of birth, and Class year.  Date of birth format must be xx/xx/xx or xx/xx/xxxx.
  4. The application file must contain the College name, state, application type, HS Student ID, outcome (result code)  and enrollment decision (attending)  each in a separate column.  Waitlisted and deferred should also be noted in the file.  ID much also match the student IDs in the roster provided.
  5. We do this import (1) time to move data from A→ B.  It will be the high school’s responsibility to maintain any data after initial school setup and migration and for current students in Scoir.

Alumni Application Import Rules/Abilities

  1. Any application which does not have an application type is added as RD
  2. Any college with multiple campus locations and no campus specified will be ‘main’ campus by default or as close as our team can get
  3. This is a very manual process by our team.  Human error can occur, so there is never a 100% match.  We do the very best we can but your team may have to make small adjustments

Your team will need to import test values such as ACT or SAT to Scoir  We do not support import of test scores.  Both GPA and test values are required for scattergrams to show.

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