Revision History to Scoir's College Terms of Service

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We periodically make changes to the terms and conditions contained in our Terms of Service with colleges. Most of these changes are immaterial and are intended to provide greater clarity and/or to comply with the ever-changing landscape of laws and regulations. A revision history is contained below:


October 9, 2020  

We modified actions we might take in the event of non-payment to make them consistent with changes made September 18, 2020 regarding auto-renewals. Simply put, if you don't pay your invoices, we'll suspend or terminate your use of Scoir but we won't come after you for payment.


September 27, 2020  

We corrected language to make it clear that, while you are responsible for the actions of your account users, you are not responsible for the actions of any third parties.

We added additional clarifying language that our right to use your Customer Information terminates when your agreement with Scoir ends.

We changed the governing law and jurisdiction covering our terms of service from our location (Delaware) to your location.

We added additional clarifying language that our right to identify you as a Customer terminates when (if) you cease being a customer. This revised section was also excluded from "surviving provision" since the rights granted terminate when the agreement ends.


September 18, 2020  

We clarified language regarding "auto-renewals" of your subscriptions. First, we provided for the fact that some plans might not be renewable and that, if applicable, this will be stipulated in your Order Form. Second, to ensure no customers are trapped into paying for software they no longer want or intend to use, we added a new "Termination for Convenience" section. This new Section 7.2 effectively states that, if you don't want to renew your subscription for another year, don't pay the invoice and our agreement with you will terminate.

We also clarified that we will delete all Customer Information when our agreement with you ends. If you ask, we'll provide you a copy of that information before we delete it.

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Revision History to Scoir's High School Terms of Service