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For Counselors: Schools Experience Opt In

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As of February 1, 2024, counselors have the opportunity to test drive our new Schools experience. Remember, it's a work in-progress. Check out what we have planned.

Opt in

Go to Schools > Our Colleges and click Opt In to explore the new experience. You can also opt in from the Colleges tab.

Opt out

In the bottom left corner, click Share feedback > Go back to the old version to return to the old experience.

In-progress 👷‍♀️

Beyond what's currently included in the new Schools experience, we're hard at work expanding new functionality, including:

  1. College Preview
  2. College Labels for improved categorization
  3. Saved Views to easily configure and access different setups with filters, visible columns, and column order and size.

Leave feedback

We'd love your feedback! Now that you know what we have in the works, share what you like, don't like, and expected to see.

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