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For Counselors: Forgotten Password

1. Navigate to the URL: 2. Enter the email address you received as the User ID ( 3. Click Forgot your password? This will send you an email to your mailbox to cha…

Updated 8 months ago

For Counselors: I received an email but I never registered my account

If you are unable to locate the email you received from your high school to register your account or if you deleted it, we are able to generate another email to you. Contact your Scoir Client Success…

Client Success Team
Updated 7 months ago by Client Success Team

For Counselors: My Facebook and Twitter Login Are No Longer Working

I can't log in with Twitter or Facebook? What happened? Recently, when we reflected upon our SSO capabilities via Facebook and Twitter, we decided that they’ve reached the end of their journey. Begin…

Updated 7 months ago by Elliot

For Counselors: Notification Settings

Scoir allows you to customize communication preferences. This means you can choose which types of notifications you will receive as the result of specific actions. This includes: To review or update…

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For Counselors: Updating/Changing Your Email

In order to change your email address it must be first added as an alternate email, validated, and then set as primary. Navigate to your profile settings from the drop-down menu. Click on Add Alterna…

Client Success Team
Updated 8 months ago by Client Success Team

For Counselors: Re-Inviting Users after Invitations Expire

Invitations to join Scoir expire in 7 days. Afterward users need to be re-invited. Refer to this HelpDoc for more information about inviting users. To Re-Invite Unregistered Student s. You can click…

Client Success Team
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