For Students: Searching for Colleges

Searching for colleges on Scoir can be done directly on the Student Dashboard or from the College Search page.

This article contains the following sections:

Searching for a college via the Student Dashboard

To search for a college from the Student Dashboard, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Student Dashboard by clicking the Scoir logo in the global navigation bar.
  2. Search for a college in the search bar.
    1. On a direct match, you will be taken to the college’s details page.
    2. On a name or keyword search, you will be taken to a set of results that can be filtered by the tools in the Advanced Search filter drawer.

Searching for colleges via Advanced Search

To search for colleges using the Advanced Search filters, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the College Search page from the global navigation bar.
  2. Click the Advanced Search tab.
  3. Apply filters to narrow your search.
  • Remove filters from either within the filter facet where they were applied or from the top of the College Search page by clicking the X icon within that filter’s pill.

You can also access Advanced Search from beneath the college search bar on the Student Dashboard.

Understanding Advanced Search Filters

Scoir’s Advanced Search offers a wide variety of options for narrowing your college search results to find exactly the colleges you’re looking for.


Each of these filtering options is explained below.

Private Search

Scoir saves your last search and filter settings for easy access when you return to College Search. This saved search is also visible to parents and counselors who are linked to your student account.


If you’d like to search without saving or sharing your search with parents and counselors, toggle the Private Search setting to Active.

College Name

The College Name search bar lets you search for a specific college and navigate directly to their details page, or search by the college name to see all results matching that keyword.


Personal Interests & Activities

The Personal Interests & Activities search bar lets you select multiple interests and activities that correlate with colleges across Scoir’s college database.


Academic Focus

The Academic Focus search bar lets you search for general academic focuses or specific majors.


Undergraduate Degrees

The Undergraduate Degrees filter lets you select levels of undergraduate degrees.



The Distance/Location filter lets you select a distance radius from a location, states, and domestic/international preferences.


No. Undergrads

The Number of Undergrads filter lets you select campus population ranges.



The Athletics filter lets you search by athletics and divisions.


Test Scores/Acceptance Rate

The Test Scores/Acceptance Rate filter lets you adjust the ranges for average SAT and ACT scores, as well as acceptance rate percentages.


School Type/Religious Affiliation

The School Type/Religious Affiliation filter lets you select school types and religious affiliations.


Campus Setting

The Campus Setting filter lets you select various campus setting designations.

ROTC Programs Offered

The ROTC Programs Offered filter allows you to select ROTC program availability.


Application Info

The Application Info filter lets you select the application methods offered as well as test optional availability.


Note: You can reset your search to its default filters at any time by clicking the Reset button beneath the Advanced Search tab.

Searching for Colleges [Video Overview]

The video below presents a brief overview of searching for colleges with Scoir.


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