Creating an Account & Linking to Students

Scoir gives parents a unique window into their student’s college journey through the Scoir Parent Application.

This article covers the following topics:

How do I create a parent account?

Currently, parent accounts can only be created through an invite from either your student or their high school.

If you’re joining Scoir via student invite:

If you’re joining Scoir via high school invite:

  • If you’ve been invited to join Scoir by your student’s high school and do not currently have a parent account, follow the link in the invite email you’ve received to get started.

How do I link to my student(s)?

If you already have a parent account and wish to link to your new student, make sure your student has added you to their profile and has sent you an invite. Then, sign-in to your parent account and click Accept to link with the student presented on the Get Started page.

When you're finished, click Continue.


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