YouScience Aptitude & Career Assessment Settings in Scoir

Actions described in this guide require the Account Administrator role.

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What is YouScience?

Scoir has partnered with YouScience to provide your students with free career and aptitude assessments. YouScience consists of eleven fun, game-like exercises (9 aptitude ‘brain games’, 1 interest survey and 1 personality profiler).

Unlike simple interest surveys, YouScience uncovers a student’s innate ability and matches them to careers for which their natural talents will help them excel.

To complete a YouScience assessment, your student must have a Scoir student account. Please note that this assessment can only be completed once per Scoir student account.

The entire assessment takes around 90-120 minutes to complete, with each section lasting around five to ten minutes. Once the assessment has begun, students can leave and pick up from where they left off at any time from their Student Profile.

Currently, there is no method to link an existing YouScience account to a Scoir account. We’re working with YouScience to provide this functionality as soon as possible.

Enabling YouScience access for your students

To enable YouScience for your students, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the School Account & Settings page.
  2. Navigate to the Account Settings tab.
  3. In the Career Profiles section, toggle Enable YouScience Access on.
  4. Select whether to enable access for all classes, or for students beginning in the selected class year via the dropdown menu.

Enabling YouScience

Additional information and implementation materials

Please visit the links below for more information on rolling out YouScience to your school and understanding YouScience assessment results.

For additional reporting and analysis options, costs for optional features, and more, please contact YouScience directly.

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