Running Reports on Student Data

Actions described in this guide require the Reporting Manager role.

Scoir’s counselor application offers a variety of reporting tools that enable you to report on various aspects of your high school’s student roster.

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Reporting in Scoir

To access Scoir’s reporting tools, go to the Reports tab in the global header.



Here you will find a selection of premade Standard Reports allowing you to quickly gather student data for common queries related to Admits & Enrollments, Applications & Outcomes, Class Profiles, Scholarships and Awards, and Standardized Tests.

You can also create custom reports tailored specifically to your needs.

Running Standard Reports

Standard Reports are pre-configured and allow you to quickly gather student data for common queries.

Each Standard Report gives you the ability to filter your data set via the Filters drawer, which is accessible by clicking the Filters button on the left-hand side of the browser window.



Most Standard Reports are set to display only the current class year by default. Additional filtering options will differ depending on the context of the Standard Report you are currently viewing. To clear an individual filter, click the Clear button within that filter’s facet.

You can clear all filters by clicking Clear All Filters at the bottom of the Filters drawer.

Once you’re finished setting your filtering options, be sure to click Apply.

You can refine the sort order of your data set by clicking the header of the column you’d like to sort by. Columns sort alphabetically or numerically depending on the type of data they contain.

Once you’re finished filtering your data and its sort order, you can save a copy for offline use by clicking Download CSV for an editable table, or Print PDF for a read-only list.

Each Standard Report is explained in further detail below.

Admits & Enrollments

The Admits & Enrollments report presents an overview of the college admissions and enrollment statistics of your student roster, with the ability to adjust your view by college name, type, religious affiliation, state, country, application type, and acceptance likelihood rating.


Applications & Outcomes

The Applications & Outcomes report presents an overview of your students’ submitted applications and their outcomes, with the ability to adjust your view by student or college.


Class Profiles

The Class Profiles report presents an overview of your student roster including statistics on average GPA, college application figures, and standardized test score averages.


Scholarships and Awards

The Scholarships and Awards report presents an overview of the scholarships and awards presented to your students and can be grouped by either student or college.


Standardized Tests

The Standardized Tests report presents an overview of your students’ standardized test scores and can be viewed by test type, including ACT, AP, PreACT, PSAT, SAT, SAT 2400, and SAT Subject Tests. 

College Visits

The College Visits report presents an overview of past visit history and can be viewed at the student or college level. This will include the visit date, college, visiting rep, and students registered.

Creating Custom Reports

Scoir’s Custom Reports feature allows you to create reports on specific criteria that may not be presented in our Standard Reports.


To create a custom report, follow these steps.

  1. Click + Create New Report in the Custom Reports section.
  2. Give your report a name.
  3. Apply filters to focus your report on specific students, then click Save & Continue.

  4. Check all application types and outcomes that apply to your report, then click Save & Continue.

  5. Apply filters to focus your report on certain colleges, then click Save & Continue.

  6. Configure the information you’d like displayed in your finished report, then click Run Report.

You’ll immediately be presented with your custom report.


You can edit the filtering options of your report at any time by clicking the Edit Report button. This will return you to the beginning of the custom report wizard pre-configured with your custom report’s currently active filters.

You can return to your custom reports at any time from the Reports tab. You can also make a copy of any custom report by clicking the Clone icon, or delete a report by clicking the Delete icon.

Reporting [Video Overview]

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