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Let's continue your Apply with Scoir experience with the Review & Submit section!

1. Are you in a quiet place where you cannot be disturbed?

2. Is your cell phone turned off so you don't get distracted?

3. Are you ready to focus on completing your application for your college? This needs your full attention.

Great! Now that all of your applications sections are finished, let's review all of your hard work and prepare to send off this masterpiece!

If you are returning to your Apply with Scoir application and need to quickly get to the Review & Submit section, click on this by navigating to the left side and clicking Review & Submit.

This section will consist of the following items for review. Please take your time and ensure these are correct prior to submitting your application!

FERPA - Completing the FERPA is required. Students must Grant access in order for some documents to be sent to the college. You can read more about the FERPA in app, however, please be aware that granting access is required to have specific documents sent on your behalf. Click sign waiver.

If you are a student, connected to a Scoir High School, you must sign your FERPA in your Scoir account and it will populate through to this section. Otherwise, you will receive an error here.

Application Type - confirm your application details are showing correctly. If any edits need to be made, click the small pencil icon to edit your application round. Example, ED was selected by you mean to apply RD instead.

Review Part 1:

Review the SAT/ACT Reporting section to ensure these score are either included, or excluded as desired.

Here is a summary of your application selection for this college.

Review your Application PDF. Take time for a final review, to ensure all items are correct before moving ahead.

Download the Application PDF file for review! Read through this to make sure this is exactly what you wish to send to colleges.

Do you need a second opinion prior to sending? You can share a preview of your application with someone you trust to review and ensure the information is complete! This can be shared with your Counselor on Scoir, or you can download this in a PDF file and email to someone else!

When clicking on the 'Share with your Counselor in Scoir' button, this saves a copy of your PDF to your My Drive in Scoir! This will be available for you to keep.

Before students can submit their. application, they are given more information on 'what comes next'. This is specific to the college that the student is applying to. After the application is submitted, students will be re-directed to the college site, where in most cases, there is more to do! The college should list any other information on this page so you are aware of what additional information will be needed after submission.

Additionally, students must sign the Application Acknowledgement, confirming they understand the application will be submitted just as it is and no further changes can be made after submission!

Students will not be able to submit another application to the same college using a different email address.

Congratulations! You have completed Part 1 of your Apply with Scoir and once adding your social security number (SSN), click on the Submit Part I!

Your screen should now look like this:

Once submitted, you will be single-signed on directly to the college portal to complete any additional, supplemental information on the college side (Part 2)! Click 'continue application'. This will take you out of Scoir, directly to the college.

Once the application is completed on the college side, the application will automatically be moved in Scoir to Applied and then you can begin the request in Scoir for Letters of Recommendation and Transcripts and other Documents.
Any snags once students are single-signed on to the college will need to be resolved by the college directly. Scoir does not manage the college side of the platform

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