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Naviance Export Instructions

Getting your data out of Naviance for import into Scoir is a fast, simple process that will only take about 5 minutes to complete.

Don't worry about losing your data! All information in Naviance will remain there - this export process just copies data.

Exporting Naviance Application Data

If you used Naviance to record your current seniors' application outcomes, getting your data out of Naviance for import into Scoir is a fast and simple process.

It is important to export the data below if your Naviance contract ends this academic year.

  1. Once you log into Naviance, navigate to Data Export and from there choose application data as your Data Type field along with the appropriate class year to be exported. You will then download a .csv file which is the only one you need to download at this time.
  2. Please email the exported file to Scoir's support team at
Please know that the data won't be reflected in your account until Scoir rolls students over and seniors become alumni, which is approximately in mid-July.

Exporting Naviance Scholarship Data

To export Scholarship data from Naviance and send these files to SCOIR for import, please follow the steps below in the attached link:

counselor, imports

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