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While browsing college profiles in Scoir you may come across a school with a green "Verified" badge next to its seal.

The Verified Badge is given to Colleges that have assigned a staff member to represent their school on the Scoir platform. This includes taking ownership of the data presented on the school's College Profile page. A verified badge indicates that the information for this school has the highest possible level of accuracy.

How do schools get a badge?

Only schools that pass a review process by a Scoir team member will be rewarded with a badge to be placed on the College Profile in Scoir for users to see.  In order to pass the review the schools must have assigned a staff member to take accountability for their data accuracy. 

Does the badge ever expire?

Verified schools and data are reviewed annually. Schools that do not maintain updates over time will have the badge removed.

What does it mean if a school does not have a badge?

If a school does not yet have a badge this means the data is currently managed by Scoir. Our school data typically comes from the IPEDS database. More information on IPEDS can be found here: About IPEDS

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