For Non Scoir High School Students: Requesting Recommendations

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Non Scoir High School connected students will have the option to request letters of recommendation through Scoir! This process will include you sending your requestor an email prompt to fill out your recommendation in Scoir. You can send the email request to the recommender, and they will be able to fill out the recommendation for you soon.

To do this, click Add Recommenders.

You can then fill out the recommender's information and email.

Click Save then Next. Once this is done, Scoir will then send them an email notifying them about the recommendation request they can fill out for you in Scoir directly by following the link in the email.

The recommender will not receive this email to upload your recommendations until you submit your application to the college. Once submitted, they will get the email with the link below.

Once they follow the link, they will see the option for upload below:

Please note: there is a 10mb file size limit for uploading a recommendation.

Once the recommender uploads, this will be sent to the college and you are all set with your letters of recommendations!

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