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Messaging Students and Parents

Scoir’s counselor application offers robust messaging features to assist you in communicating directly with students and parents. Learn more about these features.

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Using the Message Center

Learn how to use the Message Center to keep in contact with your students, parents, and other counselors through the Scoir desktop and mobile apps.

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Bulk Messaging Parents

Scoir makes it easy to communicate with parents. Notify your parents of approaching deadlines, student opportunities, and friendly reminders with the integrated Bulk Messaging feature.

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Notifications & Alerts

Whenever something happens on SCOIR that you should be aware of - a file import is completed, a college scheduled a visit, someone sends you a message - you will receive an Alert icon in the top-righ…

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Bulk Messaging Your Students

Scoir makes it easy to communicate with groups of students at once. Use the Bulk Messaging tool to send communications to multiple students.

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Using the SCOIR Communication Planner

The SCOIR Planner is designed for Counselors to help promote communication with students and parents regarding various events throughout the school year. Reminders for such things such as SATs, ACTs…

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