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Search for a College as a Student

Searching for colleges through the eyes of your students can help you better understand what they are looking for in a college. To access a student search, first select the student. Navigate to the '…

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Suggest a College to a Student

Suggesting colleges to a student lets them know you are following and care about their college selection process. There are a few ways to suggest a college to a student. We will review to ways to whi…

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For Counselors: College List Table View

Have you ever wanted to see an overview of your Student's college list in a table format? In Scoir you have the ability to shift the view of the college list to see and sort schools by different char…

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Acceptance Likelihood - Reach/Level/Likely

We have provided counselors (and students) with the ability to rate colleges for students in a basic Reach - Level - Likely scale. By default, both counselors and students are able to set acceptance…

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How to Add Colleges for a Student

As a counselor, you have the ability add applications for students. To do this, search for and select your student. Navigate to the 'Colleges & Applications' tab in the student's profile.Add a colleg…

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