The Student Roster

Creating Student Groups

Scholarships & Awards

Add A New Individual Student

Click on the Students Tab. In the upper right hand side choose +Add Student. Type in the details of the student in the appropriate box. All headings with an Asterisk are required. A student's birthda…

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Removing an Active Student from SCOIR

Removing an Active student who was invited to SCOIR and registered, and has either left the school or was invited accidentally is just a few clicks in SCOIR. Search for the student in the search bar…

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Student Registration Process

For an overview of the screens your students will see as they navigate through the registration process, please see: Student Registration. For the student URL Registration cheatsheet, see here: Stude…

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Removing an Inactive Student from Scoir

Inactive students (those students who have never been invited or registered their account) basically are just providing historical data in your high school. These students can be removed entirely fro…

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Adding Parents to SCOIR

Counselors have the ability to add parents to any of their student records in SCOIR, or to import a parent file in bulk to SCOIR. This article reviews how to add a parent to a student record and invi…

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Sorting Students using Filters

Page results on the Student Tab "Roster" will always default to 'current' students which are freshman, sophomore, juniors and seniors. We have added a filter off to the left which can be used to filt…

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Viewing your Student's Document Storage (MyDrive)

Actions described in this guide require the Student Counselor role. Scoir offers a comprehensive document storage solution for students with support for common file types and external links. Counselo…

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Edit Student Profiles

SCOIR is more than an administrative system; it's a data intelligence platform. The more accurate and comprehensive the information you have, the more insights you will gain to improve the college ad…

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