Bulk Adding/Updating Transcripts from the FASTER system (Florida)

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The following instructions will walk you step-by-step through the transcript upload and matching process for FASTER transcripts.

Before You Get Started: Be sure you have transcripts available for upload in PDF format. It is most efficient if you have single page documents, but will allow you to match multiple pages if required.
Before You Get Started: It is important to understand that this is an upload/update feature. This means that if a student already has an Initial Transcript attached to their profile and you upload, then match a new one, it will replace the existing with the updated.  


Uploading Transcripts

  1. Navigate to the Data Upload Section of Scoir via the dropdown menu


  1. Select the type of transcript, i.e. Initial, Mid-year, or Final that you will be uploading.
Be sure the FASTER transcript option has been selected



  1. Choose the file you are uploading, and click the upload button.

  1. Select the class year of the students who are included in the file and choose Continue.
Be sure that "automatically suggest student transcript assignments has been checked 


  1. The system will now process the transcript and send you an email upon completion



Matching Transcripts

Scoir will automatically match as many transcripts as it can to the student records in Scoir.  Any unmatched transcripts will be displayed on the left panel.  Navigate through the resulting pages of all the transcript files and match them as needed to student records.


Three types of transcripts will get matched.

  1. Match = 100% match (shown in green)
  2. Demographic Match (shown in yellow) = these need reviewed and possibly reassigned by the Counselor.  (Beware of twins who may get mis-matched due to a demographic (partial match) to the incorrect student)
  3. Unmatched (shown in black) = need Counselor intervention to assign.







Viewing Transcripts

Transcripts can be viewed within the Student Profile, under the Manage Documents section.

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