For Transfer Students: Filling Out Your Application Profile

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To qualify as a transfer student, each college has a set of rules that would apply and ask for how many college credits you took in between graduation and now and your high school class year. Once you answer your credits under College Information in the Application Profile, this determines if you qualify for transfer or a new, first-year incoming student.

Each college has their own parameters for determining transfer student eligibility. This will vary college to college in Scoir, and is set by their college admissions teams directly. You will not be able to apply to all colleges on Scoir as a transfer student.

To see the directions for completing these steps, please follow the directions below to fill out your Application Profile (specifically step #3: Education.) Please follow the appropriate button below based on whether or not your high school used Scoir assist with college applications.

Once you complete the High School Information and College Coursework Information in the Application Profile, you will know if you are transfer eligible at that college. You can view your eligibility this by going to the Overview portion of the Application Profile up top, and then click on the college tile. There, you will see if you're eligible to apply as a transfer student and be able to select that option:

From here, you can finish completing your application profile and submit to the college by following the above linked directions.

Please note: You will not be able to see any supplemental questions for colleges until you complete your application and submit your application profile. The supplemental portion is done through the college directly.

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